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“ Sangeet Ankur” showcases the talent of youth and kids, Sept 05, 2015

“ Sangeet Ankur” showcases the talent of youth and kids
September 5:   Sangeet Ankur ( Music of Sprouts) a Chapter dedicated by Sangeet Dhwani, held an

exciting Musical and Dance performance event at the Milpitas Library Auditorium, which was attended by

180 members in the audience.  Ms.Smita Kulkarni, Program Coordinator of Sangeet Dhwani while

welcoming the audience, briefly explained the main goal behind  organizing Sangeet Ankur, with a view to

encouraging  and inspiring  budding youth and kids to get involved in mastering the Hindustani Classical

Raags which India inherited from Vedic times, 5 centuries BC. She pointed that this event was 12th in its

series.  While giving a brief profile of Sangeet Dhwani, agency that was initiated in the year 2000, she

mentioned that it  holds two such musical concerts in a year. She highlighted that youth were the torch

bearers of our traditional music to take forward our ancient culture. Sangeet Dhwani’s accomplishments

were 150 quality concerts receiving rave reviews from ethnic media, in the last 15 years.

For this event, Sangeet Dhwani had invited six  music agencies operating in the San Francisco Bay Area

engaged  in training kids and youth aged 7 -16 years,  in Hindustani Classical Raagas, based on scientific

rules needing full dedication and rigorous practice. These schools had deputed  their advanced 35  kids

and youth,  who with their brilliant  performance,  enthralled the audience.  As the Dance Art form is an

integral part of Indian classical music, Ms.Supriya Puranik,  a popular Dance teacher of Bay Area, had

deputed her six youth students  who  performed a spectacular Bharat Natyam Dance on the theme based

on God Ramchandra and Lord Sri.Krishna  which was so relevant to  “Janmashtami” being  celebrated by

members of  the Hindu community.

The audience present at this spectacular musical extravaganza was so overwhelmed with appreciation,

that they gave a thunderous applause for each batch of students performing both solo and jointly. A few

comments  by a couple of  participating Music Teachers and audience are noteworthy.

 “ Our deep sense of gratitude for giving the budding talents a platform to showcase their creative side.

Events like this are a motivating factor that fuels their pursuit to learn more and more.  Sangeet Dhwani

has always been well organized”  Swasti Pandey “.

Thank you for such a beautiful evening. It was indeed wonderful to see such young kids take to learning

the nuances of classical music so sincerely and present it so beautifully. We  laud the efforts being taken

by the Sangeet Dhwani team,  to coordinate and conduct such events. Also, a  wonderful opportunity for

my student kids as such events  will go a long way in motivating them to pursue this art more

passionately”.   Jaya Vidyasagar

 “It was my first time attending Sangeet Dhwani event, and we thoroughly enjoyed commendable

performances by all the young students. Sangeet Dhwani does a wonderful service to the society of

Students, their parents and teachers, by providing them this platform and the right motivation and

inspiration”. Aanal Anjaria

Sangeet Dhwani’s  two well known Music Advisors having experience,  over 40 years in their professional

career,   Shri. Satish Gadagkar, a Violin Virtuoso  and Ustad Surinder Mann, a Tabla Maestro –  disciple

of the late  Iconic Legend Ustad Allarakha Khan; distributed attractive Trophies to all participating

students for their brilliant performance.  Pradeep Joshi, of Sangeet Dhwani proposed vote of thanks to all

music teachers, volunteers and the Sound Technician  Achar Anjalia for providing quality music.
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